A Blog for the Musician (not the industry)

To be fair, I am going to try to use this space to provide a viewpoint to both the talent (musicians, producers, artists, etc.) as well as the industry types (label execs, distributors, promoters, guys who laugh too loudly at bad jokes made by talent). As an intermediary between the two groups, I think I have a unique perspective to where the business of music is right now and where its going.

Trying to keep artistic integrity while maximizing profitability, is not a new struggle. The wave of the “independent” label and the seemingly endless reach that is the Internet has provided a bit more of an even playing field for the two groups to do battle. Yet the battle is often still won by the industry which has the arsenal of experience and deep pockets to fire at the talent.

So other than write songs which rip on the industry (songs such as these obviously don’t get airtime), what can the artist do?

That’s what I plan on discussing with anyone that wants to discuss. An open forum of sorts with the potential for solutions rather than idle rhetoric that is often the by-product of both Blogs and the industry.

stay tuned…


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