Future of Music Event and Fresh Faces

Exciting stuff in my world this week.  My lovely and talented wife was named as one of the Fresh Faces in Fashion by Gen Art.  Obviously I have known for a long time how truly fresh her face and her jewelry are, but the fashion world has officially caught on to her brilliance.  Check out her wares at www.tokicollection.com.  Guys, special attention should be focused on Toki’s hat trick www.tokicollection.com/hattrick.html.  It’s the perfect gift for a guy to give to his lady friend.  One purchase equals a year of jewelry and, consequently, a year’s worth of your lady’s appreciation (theoretically).  

Unless you express your love to your significant other through interpretive dance or macrame, the hat trick is a  no brainer; trust me.   For more info on the Gen Art Fresh Faces in Fashion go to www.genart.org/fashion.event.htm.                  

More excitement, if you can take it.  The Hideout Block Party is this weekend and all the folks from the Future of Music Coalition folks will be there in full effect “spreading the word about the importance of net neutrality to musicians as part of One Web Day – a worldwide celebration of the open Internet” (their language not mine).  The block party should be great though as a lot of cool bands are playing.  Check out www.hideoutblockparty.com for more info.

The hits just keep on coming…after the weekend of excellent music and  jewelery purchasing, come to the Future of Music Coalitions: What’s the Future for Musicians? seminar on Monday at the Old Town School of Folk Music.  I will be speaking with some other panel types about how to actually make money as a musician in today’s over-saturated music marketplace.   If you are a musician you can still apply for a free pass to the seminar.  Seminars usually have a NyQuil type effect on me, but this one is chalk full of some great speakers (myself not included) and some pretty interesting topics, so come check it out.

Finally, best band name for a band playing at the Hideout Block Party:   Although it’s tough to beat Neil Hamburger’s Drunken Spelling Bee, I’m giving it to The Uglysuit as they are more of a band as compared to Neil’s Spelling competition and they rock in an appealing melodic way.   Plus they have this wicked flyer ready to go:



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