Musicians: How Do You Make Money?

Show Me the Money?  How are you making money as a musician?

Show Me the Money? How are you making money as a musician?

Music in general is awesome.  It is a social utility which allows all types of people to relax, escape, dance, party, sing-along and just have a good time.  People identify others and themselves by the type of music that they listen to.  For musicians music is a way of life.  It is something that musicians are born with; it is truly a part of them. 

Those of us who cannot make our own music depend on the artists to give us what we need.  Today, there is no shortage of music.  In fact, there is a plethora of music, just a dearth of quality.  For those musicians who know nothing else in life but to make music, how do you get recognized or more practically how do you make a living doing the one thing that makes you happy?

Obviously the world will always need waiters, baristas, bartenders and temp workers.  But in today’s new music industry, is there a way to still make a living for a lifelong musician? 

I try to provide some general ideas and thoughts for musicians and the music industry, but for this post, I need your help.  I know how the musicians I represent make a living.  I am constantly working on license agreements, concert proposals, royalty agreements and the like. So I have a general idea of how you can still make money as a musician today.  But the original idea behind this blog was to get interactive with musicians and their teams.  Tell me how you are surviving as a musician.  If that means you have 3 other jobs but are eeking buy playing at a Potbellys during the week, let me know. 

My next post will hopefully be part my thoughts and part yours.  I will share the best responses that I got and combine them with my own money making ideas and experiences.  If you have an idea or think you know how to survive without royalties and big label advances, write to me:  Thanks, L4M.


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