Section 181 Back on Track???

Only time for a quick update folks.  Now that the Health Care proposal is out of the House and on its way to the Senate, the tax folks have more time (although not that much more time) to focus on tax incentives and credits that are set to expire at the end of this year.  For our purposes Sections 181 and 199 are really the only one matter.

According to a staff tax attorney at the Ways and Means Committee, the focus has been shifted and if Section 181 has a chance of renewal or extension, it will occur in the next two weeks.  Please note that even if the renewal of Section 181 is proposed in the next week, there is no guaranty that the bill which carries the renewal proposal will pass.  To that point, you will not see a renewal of Section 181 in a proposal by itself.  Any renewal of the film incentive statute will be included on a larger and broader “Extender” package introduced to Congress before the end of the year.

So, I suppose this is good news.  However, if you can get started on your films, do it now or forever hold your peace!



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