First off, thank you to all of the bands and musicians who submitted to the L4M Showcase opener.  After the fun task of listening to some great music and reading interesting facts about a ton of bands, we had to make a decision.  It was not an easy task, but when we heard this Ohio duo’s interesting take on electro-pop, we knew we had our winner

Without further ado, say hello to this year’s opening band:  You, You’re Awesome.  Not just a fun name, these talented musicians promise to get the party started out right.  Check them out:

Download some of their music and find out more about them HERE

We hope to see all of you at Aces Lounge on March 20 at 1PM.  No badge needed, but get there early because it’s going to get crazy on Saturday.

The lineup is now set and it is dope:  Rakka, The Cool Kids, Kidz in the Hall, Cool Calm Pete, Bad Rabbits, Hey Champ, French Horn Rebellion, Whatzisface and, now, You, You’re Awesome.

Again, a big thanks to all of the bands that submitted.  Hopefully you will continue to follow along to keep an eye out for more opportunities and legal insight.  If you or your band ever need help or have general questions, please feel free to contact us at josh@lawyer4musicians.com.

We routinely help bands, musicians, managers and music industry businesses in an effort to act as a left brain aide to right brain thinkers.


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