Songwriters Take Note and How to Help Matthew Leone

Songwriters and producers need to take note.  Our friends at certainly did.  Follow this link to an article penned by L4M (Ajay and Josh).  The world of copyright and recapturing your own copyrights is massively confusing.  Stay tuned to L4M and our friends for more guidance. 

L4M have a close and personal relationship with the band Madina Lake.  Recently, Matthew Leone was a victim of senseless violence.  Just moments before Matthew was beaten up, he successfully stopped the criminal from beating his spouse.  His story is all over the news and tons of fans, colleagues, friends and other good samaritans out there have come to his aid.  Click here for an NME story about the incident. 

As part of the effort to help Matthew get back on his feet please follow the link below

or go to:


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