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Austin, We Are on Our Way!

The L4M team is en route to Austin, Texas.  We are geared up for a week of great music, networking and learning about how the music industry continues to morph.  

Of course we are most excited for our showcase which features one of the best pop and hip hop lineups of the week.  We have about 500 confirmed guests (according to Facebook), so please get there early.  If you have questions or want to meet with us this week, please reach out at  

Get Here Early


Big thanks for all the help and support to:  




It’s always good to know the music before you go to a concert so…Check out Kidz in the Hall’s latest LP.   


Is Section 181 Still Alive?

The answer is yes, but barely.  The Senate is “discussing” H.R. 4213 which contains the now familiar extension of Section 181.  Section 117 of the bill which has passed the House would extend 181 to the end of 2010.  There is no guidance for how to treat the past 3 months, but we will worry about that when we get this extension past the Senate and on to Obama.

The Senate, per Senator Reid are actively discussing and negotiating the passage of the current version of the 2009 (now 10) Tax Extender Bill today.  No one ever said government move swiftly.  You can track the bill here:  HR 4213.

Again…stay tuned.


First off, thank you to all of the bands and musicians who submitted to the L4M Showcase opener.  After the fun task of listening to some great music and reading interesting facts about a ton of bands, we had to make a decision.  It was not an easy task, but when we heard this Ohio duo’s interesting take on electro-pop, we knew we had our winner

Without further ado, say hello to this year’s opening band:  You, You’re Awesome.  Not just a fun name, these talented musicians promise to get the party started out right.  Check them out:

Download some of their music and find out more about them HERE

We hope to see all of you at Aces Lounge on March 20 at 1PM.  No badge needed, but get there early because it’s going to get crazy on Saturday.

The lineup is now set and it is dope:  Rakka, The Cool Kids, Kidz in the Hall, Cool Calm Pete, Bad Rabbits, Hey Champ, French Horn Rebellion, Whatzisface and, now, You, You’re Awesome.

Again, a big thanks to all of the bands that submitted.  Hopefully you will continue to follow along to keep an eye out for more opportunities and legal insight.  If you or your band ever need help or have general questions, please feel free to contact us at

We routinely help bands, musicians, managers and music industry businesses in an effort to act as a left brain aide to right brain thinkers.


There is still time for your band to submit its EPK to win the opening slot.  Check out the Contest page: L4m 2010  Showcase.  Hurry and get your submissions in before the end of next week.

The L4M crew is ready to help your band.  We offer legal and business guidance to musicians, bands, management and music related businesses.  Find out if L4M is can be your left brain aide in a right brain industry.



We are proud to announce that L4M  will be hosting its second annual independent artist showcase during the convention in Austin, TX (an unofficial showcase during the South by Southwest Event).  Click Here for more details on how you and/or your band could be part of the showcase.  Thanks to L4M, Stahl Cowen and our sponsors, the event is going to be bigger and better than last year.

Stay tuned for more details and profiles of the musicians already signed up to perform.


Josh, Brian and Eric a/k/a L4M

Section 181 Renewal On Hold (Temporarily)

Thanks to my readers and an exhaustive search of government web sites, it appears that the time frame for passing the Tax Extender Act of 2009 has been…extended.  The United States Senate Committee on Finance issued this statement on December 22, 2009:  CLICK HERE.

Thanks in large part to the extensive health care reform debate, this important piece of legislation, which contains a one year extension of Section 181, will have to wait until 2010 for a Senate vote.  The statement indicates that the Senate hopes to have a “seamless extension” for important tax benefits.  So, while we cannot quite exhale yet, it is a bit of a relief to know that the Senate is still planning on picking up where the House of Representatives left off.  It is not clear if there will be any gap in coverage for qualified films, but the indication from this statement is that there will not be any issues for films which have not or will not begin production in 2009.

As always, stay tuned…

Special thanks to Joe Gold for the heads up.

L4M is Dedicated to His Clients (lollapalooza ’09)

This weeks shameless self promotion goes to….Me!  I am so dedicated to my clients that I braved the torrential, monsoon, like conditions yesterday at Chicago’s Grant Park to support my clients. 

Well, maybe that’s a bit over the top.  It was pretty nasty, but I certainly was not the only one willing to endure the elements in order to take in some great music. 

The Self Promotion Plug really goes to Hey Champ.  They are a great example of a success in the new music industry.  While they are signed to Lupe’s First and Fifteenth, they continue to create their own opportunities through their connections with CAA and a dedicated management team (Bandit Productions).   This is a band that created their own buzz with great music and an awesome self-produced video.  The hard work has landed them national tour, spots at All Points West and yesterday the main stage at Lollapalooza.  Check it out below (plus the bad weather):

Hey Champ on the Main Stage

Hey Champ on the Main Stage


Big Crowd Feeling HC

Big Crowd Feeling HC


Bandit Productions Hard at Work

Bandit Productions Hard at Work

lolla 09 033                                                              


Corry loved the weather.

Corry loved the weather.

wet but fun

wet but fun



The L4M Showcase is popping up all over the music radar.  We are getting great looks from music fans of all types. Be sure to check it out.

Check out the mentions by





Austin 360

A Thousand Grams

Evil Monito Magazine

Austin Hip Hop Scene

For press or further info about the event please contact Tonia Kim at





Special thanks and “love” to CATHARSIS-NYC.  If you don’t know who Catharsis is or what they do, you should.  Check out their web page ( and talk to James Kim and Tonia Kim at the L4M Showcase to see how Catharsis can make your event as great as this one promises to be.  They are on top of their game and have some of the best connections in the entertainment, graphic design and creative community.

Catharsis makes it Pop

Catharsis makes it Pop


The lineup is now set (well, pretty much set, we may still add some more acts) for the Lawyer 4 Independent Music Showcase.  Kidz in the Hall will be rounding out the already awesome lineup.

In addition to the Kidz we are lucky to have Fatlip, Hey Champ, French Horn Rebellion, Whatzisface and DJ White Shadow.  All of these artists are at different stages in their careers but none of them could have gotten to where they are without the proper team around them.  So the collective team will showcase the collective talent.

If you are going to be down in Austin, you gotta come by the show.  Let me know if you need more info.