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  1. Michael Lentine

    Can your firm facilitate a motion picture studio project in Carolina?

    We also have several film projects lined up and have state tax credits enacted and a loan guarantee but have not completed financing.

    Feel free to email or call 864-886-8800

  2. Reaze

    Hi, My name is Anthony Reasor of N.O.W. Entertainment, and representative of Cleveland artist DoXX. I am contacting you to ask your permission to send you, music, info, and other updates from my artist. If you are interested, you can email me back, or contact me at any time. You can listen to more of DoXX’s music at,

    Thank You very much.

    Anthony “Reaze” Reasor
    N.O.W. Entertainment

    • lawyer4musicians

      I actually just wrote an article on the “new” model for a NYU publication. Once it comes out I’ll make sure to send it your way. If you have a specific need or question, please shoot me an email and we can discuss. Thanks, Josh

  3. Bulldog Productions

    I missed out last year, 2009, on section 181. So now that I have waited for the section 181 I am wondering how to begin. Have projects, investors, directors and cameraman. Just need to protect the investors. As to say that they benefit fully from section 181. And of course protect myself.

    • lawyer4musicians

      There is a lot that goes into protecting yourself, the writers, producers (which all may be the same person) and the investors. There are several legal structures and methods for film investments. However, no matter what method you use, if you are accepting money from investors, you have to document it correctly and consistently. If you want to talk about working together and get an idea of a budget, timing, etc., please shoot me an email at


  4. GFG

    Whats up?
    I went to the show case, it was ill. We performed as well, unofficial we did not have the time. I am interested in what type of performances and show cases you have coming up, we would be interested in playing. We have grown large on the internet and are working hard to have management and booking. We are just going through the stacks of business cards to see who we would like to represent us. But we are booking a summer tour, and we were impressed and really dug the show case at aces in Austin. We are Houston boys. But you can email me back or give me a call at 713-367-5807
    We do mash ups, and put on one hell of a show.


  5. Mindee Jorgensen

    Hello. I was recently screwed over and am trying to find out what I can do about it. I joined a band, and immediately recorded four songs with them. I did not pay for the recording of these four songs. I was in the band for about 5 months and then recorded five more songs. For the recording of the second group of songs, I paid $150. A day after paying the 150, I was kicked out of the band. All the songs were written by the guitar player and he has them copyrighted. I asked for my money back and he said that I would not be listed on the recordings if I got it back, because it would be as if he paid me(in reality that would mean I did it for free). He did say he would give me 150 worth of them when they were ready, which he did not do.
    The first four songs came out on a limited edition vinyl ep, and also a full length came out with the first four songs, as well as the five that we did on a later date. He put my name on the vinyl (the songs I did not pay for) but did not put my name on the full length, even tho I actually put in my own money for the recording and am featured playing bass in all of the songs on it. Is he allowed to do this legally and what can I do about this situation?

    I believe he put my name on first recording and not the second because the first is a limited number and the full length is not and they are going to try to make money off of it and do not want to share any profits with me, this was done deliberately I am coming to understand. I was taken advantage of.

  6. David Quill

    I am the son of a New York/Jersey jazz musician who is now deceased. Much of his music is being sold by way of CDs and downloads. I believe that I am legally due a portion of the royalties from the music sales. I need help finding and collecting the funds.

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