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THE L4M MODEL GETS SOME LOVE: Band plus budget (The Deal Magazine)


Band plus budget (The Deal Magazine). CLICK LINK FOR STORY

It is good to know that certain labels and certain industry experts understand the new model for musicians.  “The 360 deal” does not have to have a negative connotation.  Finding the right partners and the right team for your project has been our focus from the jump. 

Special thanks to Townie Records , Hey Champ and the author of the article Matt Miller from The Deal.com.


Hot Topics in Music and Film

Here are the Hot Pockets or Topics in Music and Film

The hangover from SXSW has subsided and deals are actually getting done in the world of both music and film.  There are several hot topics which are been written, blogged, tweeted and plain old talked about in the music and film industry.  Over the next several entries we will try to explore several of those topics.

A new contributor to L4M, Mr. Eric Malnar will update everyone on the public performance royalties debate that is garnering attention from the House, Senate, White House and musicians all over the world.  We will also explore what is a standard 360 deal these days and continue to share our experience of working with musicians (both label musicians and independents) in the ever changing industry.

On the film front; just when I thought it was safe to celebrate the passage of Section 181…President Obama seems to have lost the legislation somewhere between health care reform and his next pack of Camels.  We are still waiting for his signature on H.R. 4213 and eager film makers are anticipating the one year extension that should have come on January 1, 2010.  In other film news, state tax incentives are ever changing so we will try to keep you up to date on the best places to film.  Plus, we will walk the newbie film maker through the process of raising funds for an independent movie by explaining all of the paper work (stupid lawyers) that is necessary before you can even accept a check from your mom.


One thing I take a lot of pride in is introducing talented people to other talented people.  As a lawyer for creative people, I am able to make introductions to some gifted artists which then results in some pretty cool stuff.  I always tell my clients to view us as a resource; whether it is introducing managers to artists, labels to artists, licensing companies to advertisers or musicians to other musicians, our clients end up with the same contacts and connections as we have.

Possibly the best example is this song.  Our clients, Database, French Horn Rebellion and Hey Champ collaborated to bring you a Remix of Beaches and Friends.  The song is doing great on a worldwide level.  Enjoy:


If any of you read my ramblings you or are fans of any of my clients, you already know that we had our second annual showcase in Austin last week.  Our showcase is a way to promote our clients and let the music community know that not all lawyers suck.  We at L4M strive to help artists (not just musicians) treat their art as a business.  We routinely help protect work product, form entities for bands, review and draft label and license agreements and, overall, act as the left brain aide to right brain thinkers.  Our showcase is just a way to get that across to a wider audience and to thank our current roster of clients.  NOW ON TO THE SHOW:

It is now Wednesday, March 24, and I have still not completely recovered from our showcase which took place on Saturday, March 20.  To say that it was an amazing show is a huge understatement.  Obviously I am a bit biased, but our lineup which included You, You’re Awesome, French Horn Rebellion, Hey Champ, Kidz in the Hall, Bad Rabbits, 88 Keys, Cool Calm Pete, The Cool Kids and Rakaa actually got better on the day of the show!  Travis McCoy dropped by to perform a new song with 88 Keys, Tenille blessed us with her vocals on a couple of Cool Kids’ tracks and The Alchemist and Evidence reunited with their Dilated Peoples mate Rakaa to take the show to the next level.

None of this could have been possible without the amazing work and dedication of CATHARSIS NYC.   Thanks to Justin Kim, James Kim and Tonia Kim (no relation) who put on yet another seamless show.  All of the artists were amazed at their efficiency and organization in running such a giant event.  Several commented that it was the best show they played for the entire showcase.  If you are even thinking of hosting an event, you need to contact them at business@catharsisnyc.com.

More kudos goes to our firm of Stahl Cowen.  If you become a client of ours, you are a client of theirs.  Without Stahl Cowen’s support, there would be no show.

Finally, thanks to the newest members of L4M, Eric Malnar and Brian Troglia.  Both of my partners have made L4M bigger and better by bringing their unique music industry and legal experience to the team.  Watch for new entries and articles from both of these guys.

So, if you were at the show, thanks for coming.  If you were not there, you missed a great time.  While it is impossible to replicate the live show experience (there were about 800 people there and a line around the block at 2pm on Saturday!!!), here are some pics to help bring you a little bit closer to the action.  Special thanks to Justin Kim and Tonia Kim for the pictures (All Rights in the following pictures are reserved to Catharsis, LLC).

The Venue: Aces Lounge, Austin TX

L4M Pre-Show Interview: Brian, Josh and Eric

You, You're Awesome was Awesome

French Horn Rebellion got into a fight (with each other)

Robert won the fight.

Hey Champ got everyone going, per usual.

Then Bad Rabbits got it really hopping (sorry)

88 Keys!!!

Travis McCoy surprised everyone with 88 Keys

Kidz in the Hall. Get their new album. Trust me.

The Cool Kids. Nuff said.

TCK rockin in it.

Aces loving it

Special Thanks to Cool Calm Pete. The coolest and calmest MC ever.

Rakaa wrapped it up

with help from the Alchemist!

L4M is Dedicated to His Clients (lollapalooza ’09)

This weeks shameless self promotion goes to….Me!  I am so dedicated to my clients that I braved the torrential, monsoon, like conditions yesterday at Chicago’s Grant Park to support my clients. 

Well, maybe that’s a bit over the top.  It was pretty nasty, but I certainly was not the only one willing to endure the elements in order to take in some great music. 

The Self Promotion Plug really goes to Hey Champ.  They are a great example of a success in the new music industry.  While they are signed to Lupe’s First and Fifteenth, they continue to create their own opportunities through their connections with CAA and a dedicated management team (Bandit Productions).   This is a band that created their own buzz with great music and an awesome self-produced video.  The hard work has landed them national tour, spots at All Points West and yesterday the main stage at Lollapalooza.  Check it out below (plus the bad weather):

Hey Champ on the Main Stage

Hey Champ on the Main Stage


Big Crowd Feeling HC

Big Crowd Feeling HC


Bandit Productions Hard at Work

Bandit Productions Hard at Work

lolla 09 033                                                              


Corry loved the weather.

Corry loved the weather.

wet but fun

wet but fun


This phrase, not used very often by your humble author, precisely captures the first ever Lawyer4musicians.com Showcase which coincided with SXSW in Austin, TX.  I will have a full run down of how awesome it was but I wanted to thank everyone:

The organizers:  Tonia Kim and James Kim from Catharsis;

Austin Promoter:  Sun Jue.

The Venue: Momo’s (huge shout out to Kate);

My law partner:  Brian Troglia (nice job on security);

The Sponsors:  Stahl Cowen, Music Dealers, Vapors, Karmaloop, and WESC.

And Obviously the Talented Musicians who collectively killed it all day:  DJ Clinton Sparks; Whatzisface; French Horn Rebellion, Hey Champ; Kidz in the Hall, Pac Div and The Cool Kids.  Special thanks to Fatlip who stuck around all day on the 1s and 2s; amazing.

Stay tuned for more updates with pictures and video from the event.

I’m sure I missed some people, so thanks to those I missed.

Packed! photo Dániel Perlaky, cityonfire.us

Packed! photo Dániel Perlaky, cityonfire.us

Fatlip! Dániel Perlaky, cityonfire.us

Fatlip! Dániel Perlaky, cityonfire.us

Whatzisface is okey dokey.  Dániel Perlaky, cityonfire.us

Whatzisface is okey dokey. Dániel Perlaky, cityonfire.us

Dirty face courtesy of Saam from Hey Champ. Dániel Perlaky, cityonfire.us

Dirty face courtesy of Saam from Hey Champ. Dániel Perlaky, cityonfire.us

Pac DIV. Dániel Perlaky, cityonfire.us

Pac DIV. Dániel Perlaky, cityonfire.us

The Cool Kids! Dániel Perlaky, cityonfire.us

The Cool Kids! Dániel Perlaky, cityonfire.us

Thanks to Larry from http://www.mashfest.com for the first video.

Go to the this page for a review posted by Vapors.



The L4M Showcase is popping up all over the music radar.  We are getting great looks from music fans of all types. Be sure to check it out.

Check out the mentions by






Austin 360

A Thousand Grams

Evil Monito Magazine

Austin Hip Hop Scene

For press or further info about the event please contact Tonia Kim at tonia@catharsisnyc.com.


The lineup is now set (well, pretty much set, we may still add some more acts) for the Lawyer 4 Independent Music Showcase.  Kidz in the Hall will be rounding out the already awesome lineup.

In addition to the Kidz we are lucky to have Fatlip, Hey Champ, French Horn Rebellion, Whatzisface and DJ White Shadow.  All of these artists are at different stages in their careers but none of them could have gotten to where they are without the proper team around them.  So the collective team will showcase the collective talent.

If you are going to be down in Austin, you gotta come by the show.  Let me know if you need more info.

Is Anyone Going to South By Southwest? Anyone?

Go back to your bunker Eugene.

Go back to your bunker Eugene.

Man am I sick of reading, listening, and writing about that crappy economy.  If you don’t know that our economy is bad then go back to your Y2K bunker and hunker down for another 4 or 5 years.  Trust me, you’ll be happy you did.

The music industry has been hit HARD by the recession.  All facets of the business have been effected.  Labels, distributors, marketing companies and venues have shuttered their windows and locked their doors.  Still, the concert scene has been relatively healthy.  Lollapalooza and Coachella had record crowds again this past year.  Madonna made a ridiculous amount of money on tour (nice move by Live Nation) as did the Boss (nice work Azoff and Ticketmaster), the Police and Metallica.   CMJ was packed with a lot of promising new artists and some main stays who have some exciting new material.

Which leads to my surprise about the rather unorganized and lackluster roster for the premier music conference, South By Southwest.  In the past independent artists and freshly signed artists flocked to Austin for the opportunity to strut their stuff in front of the industry big wigs and peers.  This year the industry big wigs may not be able to afford the air fare and hotel prices (which surprisingly have not gone down).  So the result seems to be a scaled back festival.

Not to fear.  Rather than bash blog about SXSW and complain from a far, I am going to take Obama’s lead and do something about it.  I have taken it upon myself (with the help of Catharsis NYC, Big Like Giants, Music Dealers and my colleague Brian Troglia) to provide SXSW with an amazing showcase featuring artists that are both brand new, on the cusp and already established.

I give you the first annual (hopefully) Lawyer 4 Independent Musicians Showcase!!!!  On March 21, 2009 from Noon to 6pm at Momo’s on 6th Street we will be showcasing amazing music and demonstrating how important a good legal team is t the success of a musician (but mostly amazing music).  Already confirmed are:  Whatsizface, French Horn Rebellion, Hey Champ, DJ White Shadow, Fat Lip, and Kidz in the Hall, with several more surprises in the works.  Its free (obviously) and will be sponsored by L4M, Stahl Cowen and Music Dealers (read more about them below).  So if you are coming to SXSW, you have to come to this showcase.


Let me know your thoughts about this year’s SXSW or if you need more details about the L4M showcase.



The future of music licensing can be found at this site.  Its a must for any independent band or artist.  You sign up for free and submit your music for licensing opportunities that Music Dealers finds for you.  Its non-exclusive so you don’t have to worry about signing over ownership of your music.  Brilliant, check it out.

Get a License to Drive (your music)

not this kind of license

not this kind of license

Word on the street is that the labels have no money.  Shouldn’t be exactly shocking to anyone.  No one has any money right now, just ask Washington Mutual or Lehman Brothers (R.I.P.)  The majors are not immue to the troubling economy.  While the government is discussing bailing out Wall Street, chances are that Sony, Universal, and EMI are not going to qualify for any of the $700 Billion in economic aid.

Sorry to be a Debby Downer, but it isn’t looking great out there for anyone trying to get signed by a “major”.  BUT, do not fear, all is not lost!  There are still ways to get your music out there and even make some scratch at the same time.  A crappy economy and a dying industry is the perfect time for the do-it-yourself/self-sufficient musician.

Artists who have crafted their music into a ready to release format are perfect candidates for license deals.  Whether it is a one song license deal to a corporate giant like Budweiser (e.g. Santogold) or a complete album license deal with an independent record label with a distribution chain set up, licensing cuts down on the costs for everyone involved and allows your music to get to the public in a more time and cost efficient manner.

Typical label recording deals tend to tie the artist down with heavy recording costs, mixing and mastering fees as well as graphic and design costs.  Trust me, it is going to be cheaper for your band to go to a friend or a colleague who has a studio and is capable of mixing and mastering than to wait for the label to pick one out and charge industry prices.  Yes you may have some up front production costs, but they will pale in comparison to the fees that show up on your accounting statement from the label. 

Same goes for your artwork.  Maybe you have a graphic artist band member or groupie or something.  Tap all your resources to get your music in a ready to release format. 

Advances are typically lower on license deals, but, again, this is not a bad thing.  Advances are just loans.  The less you have to pay back the sooner you will see a profit.  Use the advance to finalize your project.  Hire that one percussionist you really wanted, clear a sample, trademark your logo, etc.  Just don’t rely on a license deal advance to buy that new Ferrari you have been eyeing. 

Finding a license deal is not always the easiest thing to do (not that anything is easy in this business).  Yet, you may be surprised by the number of opportunities that are presented to bands that have followed this type of model.  Record your music, tour and grow your network.  Create the buzz and the opportunities will follow.

Time for another shameless plug.  Check out this wicked cool video.  Hey Champ will rock you.  Mark my blog!