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Austin, We Are on Our Way!

The L4M team is en route to Austin, Texas.  We are geared up for a week of great music, networking and learning about how the music industry continues to morph.  

Of course we are most excited for our showcase which features one of the best pop and hip hop lineups of the week.  We have about 500 confirmed guests (according to Facebook), so please get there early.  If you have questions or want to meet with us this week, please reach out at josh@lawyer4musicians.com  

Get Here Early


Big thanks for all the help and support to:  




It’s always good to know the music before you go to a concert so…Check out Kidz in the Hall’s latest LP.   




The L4M Showcase is popping up all over the music radar.  We are getting great looks from music fans of all types. Be sure to check it out.

Check out the mentions by






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Evil Monito Magazine

Austin Hip Hop Scene

For press or further info about the event please contact Tonia Kim at tonia@catharsisnyc.com.


The lineup is now set (well, pretty much set, we may still add some more acts) for the Lawyer 4 Independent Music Showcase.  Kidz in the Hall will be rounding out the already awesome lineup.

In addition to the Kidz we are lucky to have Fatlip, Hey Champ, French Horn Rebellion, Whatzisface and DJ White Shadow.  All of these artists are at different stages in their careers but none of them could have gotten to where they are without the proper team around them.  So the collective team will showcase the collective talent.

If you are going to be down in Austin, you gotta come by the show.  Let me know if you need more info.

Is Anyone Going to South By Southwest? Anyone?

Go back to your bunker Eugene.

Go back to your bunker Eugene.

Man am I sick of reading, listening, and writing about that crappy economy.  If you don’t know that our economy is bad then go back to your Y2K bunker and hunker down for another 4 or 5 years.  Trust me, you’ll be happy you did.

The music industry has been hit HARD by the recession.  All facets of the business have been effected.  Labels, distributors, marketing companies and venues have shuttered their windows and locked their doors.  Still, the concert scene has been relatively healthy.  Lollapalooza and Coachella had record crowds again this past year.  Madonna made a ridiculous amount of money on tour (nice move by Live Nation) as did the Boss (nice work Azoff and Ticketmaster), the Police and Metallica.   CMJ was packed with a lot of promising new artists and some main stays who have some exciting new material.

Which leads to my surprise about the rather unorganized and lackluster roster for the premier music conference, South By Southwest.  In the past independent artists and freshly signed artists flocked to Austin for the opportunity to strut their stuff in front of the industry big wigs and peers.  This year the industry big wigs may not be able to afford the air fare and hotel prices (which surprisingly have not gone down).  So the result seems to be a scaled back festival.

Not to fear.  Rather than bash blog about SXSW and complain from a far, I am going to take Obama’s lead and do something about it.  I have taken it upon myself (with the help of Catharsis NYC, Big Like Giants, Music Dealers and my colleague Brian Troglia) to provide SXSW with an amazing showcase featuring artists that are both brand new, on the cusp and already established.

I give you the first annual (hopefully) Lawyer 4 Independent Musicians Showcase!!!!  On March 21, 2009 from Noon to 6pm at Momo’s on 6th Street we will be showcasing amazing music and demonstrating how important a good legal team is t the success of a musician (but mostly amazing music).  Already confirmed are:  Whatsizface, French Horn Rebellion, Hey Champ, DJ White Shadow, Fat Lip, and Kidz in the Hall, with several more surprises in the works.  Its free (obviously) and will be sponsored by L4M, Stahl Cowen and Music Dealers (read more about them below).  So if you are coming to SXSW, you have to come to this showcase.


Let me know your thoughts about this year’s SXSW or if you need more details about the L4M showcase.



The future of music licensing can be found at this site.  Its a must for any independent band or artist.  You sign up for free and submit your music for licensing opportunities that Music Dealers finds for you.  Its non-exclusive so you don’t have to worry about signing over ownership of your music.  Brilliant, check it out.

Your Friends = Your Network = $$$


Bobby Buscher (aka the Waterboy) really just wanted a friend other than his momma and their family horse.  Bobby, like you, knows the value of friendship.  I’m hear to tell you how right you are.

 I don’t know the cold hard numbers of how many people under the age of 30 have some sort of virtual community profile, but I do know that amongst my peers it is about 90% (it would be higher but some people can’t log on to Facebook from work). Whether its MySpace, Facebook or LinkedIn people are “virtually” expressing themselves. As in the past, music is a normal way for any individual to express himself. Now instead of blasting music from your dorm room or dressing like your favorite hair band, people are including their favorite music on their homepage. MySpace profiles are laced with personal media players and Facebook allows you to become fans of your favorite band. So when a friend invites someone to view their page or to become their friend they are not just passing their pictures from their wedding or their latest vacation pics, they are also “virally” passing along their favorite music.

Smart musicians or their management team will allow their music to be added to profiles, but in a streaming only format (don’t want to give it all away without being able to track it). The minute your one fan passes or shares their profile with your music to their network of friends your audience has just increased exponentially (depending on how popular the fan is).

 I have written about the viral loop effect of music before (see https://lawyer4musicians.com/2008/06/19/turn-your-music-into-a-virus/), but it is definitely worth writing about again.  As our economy suffers and pirated music continues to run rampant, musicians need to capitalize on all of their available resources.  One seemingly obvious resource that is consistently overlooked is a musicians friends and colleagues. 

 Case in point:  here in Chicago there has been a huge burst in the “underground” hip hop scene.  With the help of the mainstream rappers like Kanye West and Common, other windy city acts have been able to jump on the scene.  The Cool Kids, Kid Sister, and Kidz in the Hall have been able to capitalize on the attention Chicago hip hop has garnered over the past several months and launch their own careers.  Using the buzz of a growing music scene, brilliant use of community websites, the success of their colleagues, oh yeah, and good music, these once obscure artists have attained national and international recognition. 

friends and colleagues

Friends and Colleagues

Now the next generation is climbing on board.  The Cool Kids were helped out by Flosstradamus, so in turn they lent a hand to Mickey Factz, Hollywood Holt and Mic Terror.  Collaborating on tracks, producing beats, appearing on stage, or hyping each other on their own community webpage, one artist helps out the other.  This isn’t just hippy pay it forward crap, this is good business.  The buzz becomes tangible and concerts with more recognizable lineups are packed, merchandise is moved and careers are launched. 

Check out friendship in action: http://blog.myspace.com/index.cfmfuseaction=blog.view&friendID=7240921&blogID=425195126

As Tenacious D brilliantly crooned:  “Friendship is rare. Do you know what I’m saying to you?  Friendship is Rare.”  Think of your friends as friends first and your potentially viral network second and things may go a.o.k. for you and your music.