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NOVEMBER 12: L4M/Bottom Lounge Show, There is no reason not to come. Seriously.

We are at it again over here at L4M headquarters.  Seriously, how many lawyers do you know who can negotiate a contract in the morning and organize a show like this at night? “Working 9 to 3am, what a way to make a living”.

Our last show was pretty sweet, and this one is set up to be even sweeter.  After Matt Walker and of1000faces blew everyone away at the last show, there was no doubt they would headline our next shindig.  For this November 12 (that’s a Friday!) show we expanded our reach to bring some of our clients from different states and countries.  Elephant Stone will be crossing our northern border to bring their Canadian charm to Chicago.  If you don’t know the Stone, get to know them and get ready to be impressed.  Next be ready to be impressed by The Idle Hands.  Irish folks who have transplanted to a city that is near and dear to your author, Minneapolis, will ride their buzz as a band to watch all the way to the Bottom Lounge.  Finally, a local Chicago band that has caught the ear of critics all over the country, The California Wives, will definitely get the crowd moving. 

Go to The Bottom Lounge to get tickets.  Or contact us emily@thepropelr.com for codes to get your discount tix.  We will see you on November 12!