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Recapture Your (Copy)Rights

An off again on again trend in music news is the story of artists recapturing their copyrights.  As with most music related matters, the law in this area is pretty straight forward but has been made to seem complex and insurmountable to artists.  We wrote about this a few times over the years and have helped a handful of older musicians fight to get back their copyrights in music that was created before a certain time period.  Each day a new set of rights holders has the opportunity to recapture rights that they previously signed away to a label or third party.

Read (or re-read) our post on how to recapture your rights here:  https://lawyer4musicians.com/2011/07/01/does-forever-really-mean-forever-recapture-your-copyrights/  and contact us to see if we can help get back your rights.